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About us

A message from the founder of Buckhead Tailor...

I appreciate your investment of time in learning how we can serve you.

Buckhead Tailor grew out of my own frustration in finding shirts that fit.  Standard shirt sizes don't really work for me.  If I tried to relate my own measurements to standard sizes, I'd say my neck is average, my chest is extra large, my arms are long, and my waist is medium.

It is rare that an off-the-rack shirt has this combination of measurements and will fit me.  Over the years I've wasted a lot of time on unsuccessful searches for shirts that fit.

I then started getting shirts made out of material that I liked, but that didn't really fit--and I would take those shirts to a tailor for alterations.  Unfortunately, the alternations didn't always produce a shirt that fit well or looked good.

If you've ever had surgery or had a car damaged in an accident, there's just something about cutting into something and trying to put it back together--it never is quite the same. 

Along the way, I learned a lot about fabrics, about shirt tailoring, about what makes a quality shirt, and about different style elements of shirts.

Finally, I just decided to have my shirts custom-made.  I also realized that I wasn't the only one who had a hard time getting shirts that fit perfectly.

So, I decided to set up a company to help people, just like me, who have a hard time finding shirts that fit, or who just want to look and feel their best.

We take our name from the "Buckhead" neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia, where we got our start.  Atlanta's Buckhead neighborhood is also the "fashion capital" of Atlanta.  However, we are now based in Maryland.

Thank you for your interest in Buckhead Tailor.  We hope to have an opportunity to serve you soon.  Let us help you look good and feel great!

Please feel free to contact us if you have suggestions, comments, or ideas.