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Frequently-asked Questions

  1. How long will it take to receive my order?
    You can expect delivery within about four weeks unless otherwise noted.

  2. Can I wash your shirts?
    You can wash our shirts unless otherwise noted.

  3. Will your shirts shrink?
    Although our fabrics are pre-shrunk, after you receive your shirt you should expect any remaining shrinkage to be less than 2%.  We add a little to your measurements to allow for shrinkage.  Shrinkage is usually less and less with each laundering.  A shirt may need to be laundered multiple times before it stops shrinking.

  4. What is your cancellation policy?
    Our current policy is to allow cancellations without a fee.  Please help us keep this policy by being sure of your measurements, fabric choice, options, etc., and by avoiding cancellations.  Please know that your order can enter production immediately.  Since all our products are custom-made to perfectly fit only one person, cancellations result in a 100% loss of labor and material.

  5. What happens if a fabric is out-of-stock?
    You will be able to choose another in-stock fabric or get a full refund.

  6. Do you offer wrinkle-free fabrics?
    In our fabric descriptions, you may see some fabrics labeled "less wrinkling," etc.  For other fabrics, you should expect to need a good iron, or a good dry cleaner to minimize wrinkling after laundering.

  7. What if I have a special request?
    Please contact us with your request to give us an opportunity to meet your needs.

  8. Why is your name "Buckhead" Tailor?
    Buckhead is the name of the Atlanta neighborhood where we were founded.